Why Stone Soup

My company Stone Soup Ripple Productions was inspired by the story of Stone Soup that has found its way into many hearts…
A young female traveler arrives at a village, having run out of food and money, only to be turned away when hearing that everyone there was facing hard times, too. Ever resourceful, she comes up with an idea to feed the entire village with her stone soup. Thanks to her “magic” stone and the curiosity of others, her magic soup not only satisfies her own hunger but in the process, connects and nourishes the entire village. Listen to this version, as told by me.

Just as in this village, there is magic in the blending of people and places for unique, shared experiences.
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Imperceptible at first, the tiniest ripples can quickly become enormous ones -- ripples that have the power and momentum
to shift awareness, growth and transformation. Stone Soup Ripple Productions wants to create ripples for you --
ripples that have the power to result in forward movement, both personally and professionally

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Our Mission

Stone Soup Ripple Productions builds collective experiences with ripple effects, transforming new connections into
friendships, referrals, strategic partnerships, collaborations and more.


We welcome you to join in for our private gatherings, screening experiences, adventures and more. You will find Stone Soup Ripple Productions in dining rooms, living rooms, screening rooms, and conference rooms... in private homes, clubs, corporate offices and hospitality, and retreat venues and even in the outdoor rooms of nature.

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Private Gatherings

Unlike larger events, everyone at these gatherings has a seat at the table, adding their own special ingredients into the mix. Christine adds hers too, convening small groups of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, content creators, creatives and other influencers to enjoy food and drink in special settings around a chosen theme.

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Screening Experiences

SSRP Screening Experiences serve as a catalyst for building a greater understanding of a topic among the interesting and interested individuals who attend. Screened content will vary, ranging from feature films and rough cuts to shorts, excerpts and other media content and might take place in a cinema, a private screening room or elsewhere.

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Across cultures and centuries, the act of breaking bread and sharing perspectives with others has become a tried and true recipe for building understanding, community and gratitude. However, in today’s world, this seemingly simple practice can be a real challenge… So what might happen if you were to take a step away from the every day -- if you were to open up pathways to appreciating the ordinary, while embracing the extraordinary?

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You likely have or are wanting to build a brand, reputation and following among current and potential stakeholders... clients, investors, strategic partners, advisors, to name a few. A perfect starting place.

  • Coaching

  • Content Development

  • Delivery & Production

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Feb 27 - 29 Atlanta, GA
SCAD Film’s 8th annual television and media festival
3 days of screenings, panels, talks and receptions including Christi...
April 22 Santa Monica
SSRP Private Dinner:
Treasures… Yours, Mine & Ours
Stay tuned for details for upcoming gatherings in California and New York....
Sept 12 - 21
Experience Croatia
8 days cruising the waters & 3 days exploring on land
A 10-day feast of the senses feast of the senses, led by Guru Mitar ...
Oct 24 - Nov 1 Savannah, GA
SSRP Adventure:
SCAD Savannah Film Festival
For the past 5 years, I’ve been convening friends, clients, colleagues and others for the screenin...


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