Why Stone Soup?

My company Stone Soup Ripple Productions was inspired by the Stone Soup story that has found its way into many hearts… A young female traveler arrives at a village, having run out of food and money, only to be turned away when hearing that everyone there was facing hard times, too. Ever resourceful, she comes up with an idea to feed the entire village with her stone soup. Thanks to her “magic” stone and the curiosity of others, her magic soup not only satisfies her own hunger but in the process, connects and nourishes the entire village. Listen to this version, as told by Me.

Just as in this village, in today’s world of personal devices and earbuds -- and in spite of the proliferation of podcasts, summits, webinars, retreats and conferences -- it has become easier than ever to stay in one's own world, whether at work or at home.

There is magic in the blending of people and places for unique, shared experiences.

Welcome to the world of Stone Soup Ripple Productions,


About Us... Building Connection, Activation & Change

Stone Soup Ripple Productions is in the business of building and accelerating collective engagement. We do this through the intentional intersection of people, places, purposeful programming and group participation, while seeking out ways to create ripples that transform initial encounters into much more.

Stone Soup Ripple Productions offers Private Gatherings, Screening Experiences, Adventures, and Annual Retreats as well as customized Client Gatherings and Consulting. Using Christine’s relationship-based methodology, the focus of SSRP is always on the building intentional communities of purpose, support, engagement and outreach.

Why is Stone Soup Ripple Productions Different?

  • At SSRP gatherings, we’ve removed the hierarchy among participants

    Everyone is welcome at our Stone Soup Ripple Production table. Through active listening and sharing, each person participates by adding their own unique ingredients into the mix.

  • SSRP gatherings are not networking events

    With us, the emphasis is on first names, intentional introductions and purposeful, enjoyable connection. Since participants are reconnected with everyone afterwards, there’s no need for business cards or cell phones.

  • SSRP Ripple Forums… where conversations expand

    Following each gathering, participants will be part of their own private Ripple Forum, allowing everyone to build on their shared experience with further online interaction to share, inform and accelerate relationships, initiatives and other endeavors.

Imperceptible at first, the tiniest ripples can quickly become enormous ones -- ripples that have the power and momentum to shift awareness, growth and transformation. Stone Soup Ripple Productions wants to create ripples for you -- ripples that have the power to result in forward movement, both personally and professionally.

Our goal is to help you to connect and create ripples that move you forward.

About Christine Leuthold

With Stone Soup Ripple Productions, Christine formalizes and expands her relationship-based methodology for connection and growth through collective experiences coupled with the proactive cultivation of what she refers to as ‘the ripple’. She leads with enthusiasm, creativity and intuition and is a master at cultivating relationships and accelerating connection, engagement and positive change.

A proven innovator and builder, Christine brings her special ingredients into the mix as she collaboratively expands projects, strategic partnerships and brand cultures, creating ripples along the way.

Residing in LA and NY, Christine possesses a keen ability to tap into her extensive network of contacts and cross-functional capabilities. Her career has spanned a range of sectors including sustainability and environmental wellness; film, media and voiceover; luxury consumer products, fashion and interior design; at risk youth and education and the arts, banking and real estate.

Ever since she was at the forefront of what is now called corporate social responsibility (CSR) as the director of public relations for the Ralph Lauren Corporation, Christine has brought a ‘greater good’ mindset into her work in corporate, private and non-profit sectors.

Projects have included The Campaign for Peace & Reconciliation, The Esalen Inspirational Film Festival, Film Forum, Real World Explorations, Communities in Schools, The South African National Congress, The Nina Hyde Center for Breast Cancer Research and Sotheby’s International Realty NY. In her book Comfort Living: A Back-to-Basics Guide to a More Balanced Lifestyle, she draws from career lessons to address work life balance and quality of life in today’s world.