SSRP... Cultivating Continued Connection

At Stone Soup Ripple Productions, we are convinced that the potential for ripple is unlimited when smaller groups of individuals continue to commune for genuine, shared experiences. We cultivate this in two ways:

  • Ripple Forums: After each gathering, attendees will be invited to continue to gather on a private SSRP Ripple Forum to build ripples by sharing further comments, media, news of upcoming events or projects, ideas for potential collaborations, strategic partnerships and who knows what else.

  • Annual Retreat:These multi-day gatherings will be a place to expand connections in person. All Stone Soup Ripple Productions participants will be invited to this special experience.

    We look forward to connecting with you!

Genuine Connection…
Professional & Personal

We welcome you to join in for our private gatherings, screening experiences, adventures and more. You will find Stone Soup Ripple Productions in dining rooms, living rooms, screening rooms, and conference rooms... in private homes, clubs, corporate offices and hospitality, and retreat venues and even in the outdoor rooms of nature.

Personal experience tells us that a purposeful connection with others is a very good thing, and a growing a body of research supports this. Not only does it make us healthier and happier, but more productive, too. However, in today’s world, intentional connection can elude us. Personal devices and earbuds divert us from authentically and productively engaging with others. At the same time, we can often feel isolated and disconnected in large group settings such as conferences, networking, and social events and even at gatherings in our own homes. The article, Social Isolation: It Could Kill You, reports that 40% of American’s surveyed in 2018 ‘sometimes or always feel isolated’ and that more than a quarter of Americans live alone.