Genuine Connection… Where Everyone has a Seat at the Table

Unlike larger events, everyone at these gatherings has a seat at the table, adding their own special ingredients into the mix. Christine adds hers too, convening small groups of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, content creators, creatives and other influencers to enjoy food and drink in special settings around a chosen theme.

Each purposeful theme serves as a bridge to invite guests to collectively exchange perspectives and stories. After each gathering, attendees will be invited to reconnect on a private SSRP Ripple Forum to build ripples by sharing further comments, media, news of upcoming events or projects, ideas for potential collaborations, strategic partnerships and who knows what else.

So consider this:
  • What if you spent an evening ‘breaking bread’ with talented people from resonating walks of life, connecting and blending your talents, ideas and perspectives?

  • What if this took place in an inspiring, private setting which would serve as the backdrop for programming that was intentionally designed to energize and activate? … and even more important

  • What if rather than sorting through a stack of business cards, you would be reunited with your fellow guests to share, engage and create your own ripples with each other?

Just as in the story, Stone Soup, when people come together and add their own special ingredients, the combined effect can inspire, activate and grow.

Get connected with us and we hope to see you soon at an upcoming gathering.

All Stone Soup Ripple Productions participants will be invited to our annual retreat.

Santa Monica, CA April 22

Treasures - Yours, Mine & Ours

Creativity is about thinking... and then producing. Creativity doesn’t have the same meaning as it once had... Sometimes it happens with a paintbrush and sometimes on a much broader canvas. As with all SSRP gatherings, this theme will serve as a bridge to allow everyone who attends to connect on a personal level as well as collective one.

Join Christine for an evening of creativity in a unique, private setting. Be ready to be inspired, challenged and activated among an intimate group of unique and interesting people.

Details to come with your purchase. Expect to gather around Creative Creativity and the role it plays in our personal and collective lives.

  • Date:
  • Wednesday, May 13th
  • Time:
  • 7 pm
  • Location:
  • East Village, NYC
  • Reservations:
  • Seating is limited so if you plan to join us, book now.

Looking forward to building something special together with the ingredients we each choose to add.

New York, NY Wednesday, May 13th

SSRP Private Gathering

Check back here for details or get connected and we’ll keep you posted on the next gathering in New York.