Collective Viewings & Purposeful Group Conversations

SSRP Screening Experiences serve as a catalyst for building a greater understanding of a topic among the interesting and interested individuals who attend. Screened content will vary, ranging from feature films and rough cuts to shorts, excerpts and other media content and might take place in a cinema, a private screening room or elsewhere.

Regardless of the venue, expect the theme and conversation to connect, challenge and result in ripples that activate.

Immediately following each viewing of a film or other screened content, participants will gather together to share and connect as a group, adding unique perspectives into the mix. In a very real sense, everyone is a panelist and speaker as well as a listener and audience member. Filmmakers and other experts will be present… because they want to participate equally in the broader conversation, rather than lead it.

After each gathering, attendees will be invited to reconnect on a private SSRP Ripple Forum to build ripples by sharing further comments, media, news of upcoming events or projects, ideas for potential collaborations, strategic partnerships and who knows what else.

Disclaimer: All Stone Soup Ripple Productions participants' experiences will be invited to our annual retreat.