Here’s what people have to say about their experiences working and collaborating with Christine…

Christine’s ability to connect people to projects, strategy to implementation and ideas to brands is her unique strength.  As a connections resource, internally and beyond, Christine is invaluable and makes it look easy!

Elizabeth A. Egan

Elizabeth Egan, Executive Coach & Master Facilitator, Development Dimensions International, former Shopper Capabilities Director, Coca-Cola North America

Christine is the ultimate professional and team player who forms and maintains a strategic direction, always staying focused on the critical details in the execution of each project.  She is able to handle multiple projects concurrently while interacting with personnel at all levels. Another strong point is her passion for everything she undertakes… as demonstrated in our Real World Explorations STEM educational initiative!

Lyman Carter

President & CEO, Real World Explorations and BlueNose Edutainment

Christine Leuthold is a unique blend of  marketing expert, one woman think tank – and brilliant brand strategist. Not only does she create amazing and transformative concepts, she also sees them through to completion with great vision, spirit and aplomb.

Corinne Bourdeau

President and Founder, 360 Degree Marketing – a boutique entertainment marketing firm and Co-Director, Esalen Inspirational Film Festival

Christine has those unique instincts for not only what makes a brand design distinctive and attractive, but more importantly, she has the background and the talent to match the design with the strategy.  That’s even more unique.

Bob Littell

Chief NetWeaver and CEO, NetWeaving International, Board Member, Pay It Forward Foundation

Christine produced our first-ever gala event for Film Forum in 1990 that was tremendous success. She brought together a panoply of actors, writers, producers, television and fashion personalities… Christine designed and oversaw all aspects of the event, from the initial concept down to the smallest details of invitations, decor, table settings, seating and entertainment. Even decades later, the impact of her contribution continues to reinforce Film Forum’s mis

Karen Cooper

Director, Film Forum

Christine’s ability to creatively and efficiently address the needs, timing and vision of our project made a huge difference in how we approached the market as well as the discussions which ensued. The insights and introductions she brought to the table turned out to be very valuable in moving us toward our goals

JC Jung

SVP Strategic Business Development, EarthArtist Studios

Christine uniquely brings her innate talents and broad experience to ensure clarity of brand from every aspect as she recognizes new opportunities for expansion and growth.  In her work with our organization, she demonstrates the ability to see connections that lead toward greater, aligned growth, whether she is meeting with us or attending film festivals or connecting with new client corporations.

Dr. Shelley A. Stravitz

Founder & Executive Director, Parents As Partners: The Autism Education and Change Network™

Christine is the real deal -- a constructive, visionary strategic thinker who is deeply committed to socially responsible initiatives. It’s not just window dressing for her. Her skillset crosses every area essential to impact:  she’s a great connector, structures effective programs, markets them through compelling visual and verbal presentations, serves as a powerful ambassador engaging others in the vision, able to see and manage the 30,000 foot perspective

Suzy Akin

Director of Communications, Hackley School

It has been impressive to see Christine expand her talents, skills and networks after working as the Director of Public Relations of Ralph Lauren Corporation. I hired her to develop a new expression for the brand through a combination of philanthropic and cause-related marketing initiatives. Her insight into Ralph Lauren as a person and her understanding of the company as a brand, coupled with her collaborative working style and effectiveness in coordinating acros

Alexander Vreeland

President and Founder, Diana Vreeland Parfums / former Director of Communications, Ralph Lauren Corporation

Christine Leuthold has provided expertise as both a producer and moderator for The SCAD Savannah Film Festival and our television festival, aTVfest. Christine’s research and understanding of her audiences allows her to construct dynamic and insightful engagement on selected topics. Her extensive network of professionals crossing and intersecting multiple disciplines and mediums has been a tremendous asset. Christine’s ability to drive conversations encompassin

Danny Filson

Executive Director, Office of the President, SCAD